Preventive Care



Preventive care is critical to your overall health.

This type of healthcare usually includes screenings, exams, tests, and immunizations that identify health problems early on so you can take steps to prevent them from becoming chronic conditions.

It’s aimed at shifting the focus of healthcare from treating sickness to maintaining wellness and good health.

If you visit your doctor regularly, preventive care also can help reduce your overall medical expenses because you’ll catch problems in the early stages when most diseases are more readily treatable and less costly to fight off.

Here’s yet another way to look at this: When preventive care services are combined with a lifestyle that is focused on wellness, significant savings can be realized. The Trust for America’s Health predicts that there is a return of $5.60 for every $1 spent on preventive care in the United States.

Ultimately, preventive care offers the benefit of saving lives and improving the quality of your health for many years to come.

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